Mathematics: Memory Game

In Montessori mathematics, the Memory Game is an activity designed to help children develop their memory skills while reinforcing number recognition. The game incorporates movement and encourages both gross and fine motor skills, and is something that children can play together.

Counting memory game in montessori

To play, you’ll need: a tray, two containers, slips of paper with numbers 0–10 and small counters (beads, pasta pieces, seeds).

  • Children sit around a mat and each child draws a slip of paper, taking note of the number written on the paper. Children then fold the paper and place it back in the container.
  • One at a time, each child counts out the number of small objects to match the number written on their paper. In different variations, the container with the counters could be placed across the room so children have to get up to retrieve their counters, or simply leave the container on the mat and children take turns to pick.
  • Finally, have each child reveal their counters, and group-check the amount.

Watch the below tutorial by My Montessori Works to see how the game in action:

Another variation of the game is to include a colour dot on the number paper, so that children are not only required to recognise a number but to also recognise and select a particular colour.

The Memory Game is great to play as a family and can be adapted to the environment: collect sticks in a park and get children to run as they collect counters, as an example. The point is to have fun whilst the game reinforces the association between numeral symbols and corresponding quantities.

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