As a Montessori setting it is incredibly important to us to encourage children in showing respect for each other and their environment in all ways possible. This ethos of empathy and consideration is reflected in so many of our actions, whether tidying away at home or school, or supporting our wider community through fundraising projects.

Our little ones and their amazing families give so easily of their time and support to many local and international charities, please see below for a culmination of all their efforts; past, present and future. As a member of our team recently pointed out, “We hope to do our little bit because we know that every ‘little bit’ counts.”

“To influence society we must turn our attention to childhood. Out of this truth comes the importance of nursery schools, for it is the little ones who are building mankind and can work only with the materials we give them.” – Maria Montessori – pg 66, The Absorbent Mind.