Montessori lesson with coloured cyclinders

Sensorial: Yellow Knobless Cylinders

The aim of Montessori Knobless Cylinders is to refine a child's visual discrimination, based on diameter and height. It is a sensorial material that consists of four boxes of ten coloured cylinders (red, yellow, blue, and green). Each coloured…
Flower fun with montessori children

Flower fun at nursery

Spring is such a wonderful opportunity for us to really take cognisance of nature’s beauty. We are lucky to have a stunning garden at our nursery in Islington and we do take full advantage; planting, playing and exploring. Recently,…
Learning the alphabet with moving letters in Montessori

Language: Large Moveable Alphabet

The Large Moveable Alphabet facilitates language development, spelling, and writing skills as children practise word and sentence construction. The apparatus consists of a set of wooden or plastic letters representing the alphabet in uppercase,…
Family fun in Islington for Montessori children

Five fun family activities in Islington

Are you looking for some fun summer activities for your family? We have some great suggestions for you: Visit the Emirates Stadium: If you have any football fans in the family, a visit to the Emirates Stadium, home to Arsenal Football…
Teach montessori children how to use the 100 board

Mathematics: 100 Board

The Montessori 100 Board is divided into 100 squares, with 10 rows of 10 squares each. Children will use the board to practise counting and gain an understanding of number sequences. Once they have a good knowledge of numbers 1-100, the board…
Help children adjust to changing the clocks with Montessori

Ten top tips to prepare children for the clock change

Ten top tips to prepare children for the clock change Just when you've settled into a happy morning and evening rhythm, the clocks change... again. Twice a year, parents have to content with the repercussions of daylight savings beginning…
cloth folding tutorial for montessori children

Practical Life: Cloth folding

Folding is one of many practical life skills that children learn in Montessori classrooms. Symmetrical folding can be tricky for little ones, so we start with simple cloth folding. This helps with concentration, patience and muscle control. Watch…
family portraits for montessori children

What are the benefits of children drawing family portraits?

Young children’s personal and social identities are directly connected to their families. They understand themselves based on the people they love most, know best and have learned everything from – making the subject of ‘family’ deeply…
lifecycle lesson with seeds for montessori children

Cultural: Lifecycle of a seed

Children always enjoy the ‘lifecycle of a seed’ lesson (especially poignant in the spring) because of the many exciting and tactile ways in which the learning can be applied and extended. There are the five stages of plant life cycle:…
learning about feeling with montessori children

Using feelings dolls to help children understand emotion

In Montessori education, fostering social and emotional skills is important because it lays the foundation for a child's holistic development, promoting empathy, effective communication and self-regulation essential for both academic success…
knobbed cylinder lesson for montessori children

Sensorial: Knobbed Cylinders

The presentation with knobbed cylinders is one of the first sensorial activities in a Montessori classroom. The apparatus was designed by Maria Montessori herself, and consist of wooden cylinders of varying diameter and height, all of which…
valentines day for montessori children

10 Montessori activities children can do on Valentines Day

Montessori activities focus on hands-on, experiential learning that encourages independence and creativity. Here are 10 Montessori-inspired activities that children can enjoy on Valentine's Day: Heart collage: Provide children with coloured…