Mathematics: 100 Board

The Montessori 100 Board is divided into 100 squares, with 10 rows of 10 squares each. Children will use the board to practise counting and gain an understanding of number sequences. Once they have a good knowledge of numbers 1-100, the board can be used to show children skip counting.

Teach montessori children how to use the 100 board

Watch the below tutorial by Wonderful Word of Montessori to see how children would use the 100 Board in a classroom:

You’ll notice that the number tiles are sorted into rows of 10 and by place value (all the 10s in one row, then the 20s and so on). They do not have to be in the correct numerical order within their row. Once sorted, the child identifies the smallest numbers (being 1-10) and places the smallest row at the top of the 100 Board in numerical order. Children will work with numbers from lowest to highest, from left to right, identifying each number aloud as it is placed on the board.

This activity requires an immense amount of patience and concentration as row upon row is counted until the 100 Board is filled.

By exploring and manipulating the board’s components, children gain an in-depth understanding of number relationships and patterns, which sets the foundation for complex mathematical concepts in the future.

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