Mathematics: Small Hexagon Box

The Hexagon Box shows children how different shapes can be used to create other shapes; more specifically, that by joining together different triangles, four-sided figures are formed.

tutorial on how to use the montessori hexagon box

The Small Hexagon Box is a lesson that follows on from the Triangle Box and the Large Hexagon Box, transitioning children into a more abstract way of thinking. Previously, shapes were formed by having the black lines of smaller shapes touch each other, now shapes are created slightly differently.

Have a look at the below tutorial by My Works Montessori:

You’ll notice that the box contains six red obtuse angle isosceles triangles, one large yellow equilateral triangle, six grey equilateral triangles, two red equilateral triangles, and three green equilateral triangles. Using these triangles to create other shapes prepares children for geometry by advancing their awareness and understanding, as well as developing concentration and independence.

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