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estimation jar for mathematics

Mathematics: Estimation Jar

The purpose of the estimation jar is not only to practise counting and problem solving but to develop curiosity about numbers and maths. What might sound like a simple guessing game (and, really, it is that simple) takes on levels of complexity…
montessori teen boards

Mathematics: Teen Board

The traditional Montessori Teen Board is used to show children how tens and ones make teens; it is a visual and physical application of building numbers to enable understanding. Quite specific materials are used for the lesson: a teen board…
montessori bead bar

Mathematics: Bead Stair

The short bead stair is a way to visually represent number values; making abstract concepts more concrete so that children can better grasp mathematical principles. The objective of the lesson is to reinforce number quantities from 1 to…

Mathematics: Sandpaper Numbers

The wonderful thing about Montessori learning is that it incorporates the different senses into activities in an effort to assist learning. Sandpaper Numbers is one such activity; it ‘lives’ in the mathematics area of a Montessori classroom…

Mathematics: Addition Strip Board

Use of the Addition Strip Board requires children to have a good grasp of quantity to numeral because the equations (or addition sums, in a non-Montessori context) that are taught in this exercise are quite abstract. Little ones who have not…

Mathematics: Addition Snake Game

The Addition Snake Game is a fun way for children to begin memorising facts, and of course, boost their adding skills. The goal of the activity is to turn a colourful snake into a golden snake by counting to ten. The game has three components:…
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New Fractions Material

Our new Fractions Circles arrived this week. We are excited to add these to our Mathematics shelves and for the children to start learning more about fractions.