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Spring Fete at St Andrew’s Montessori

Thank you to all who attended our Spring Fete! The children had an absolute ball running around with their painted faces, spending their pocket money on canvas art, Faberge eggs, clay handprints and all of the other wonderful crafts they have spent time creating throughout the term! (We certainly saw many ‘proud parent’ faces in amongst the crowd!)

As many of you will know, Islington has the third highest rate of child poverty in the country and the highest levels of depression in London. Islington Giving invests in partners and projects that make a real difference to local people for the long term. They have helped over 20,000 people since 2010 and work closely with local people to understand Islington. Hundreds of people who live in, work in and care about Islington give each year to support projects that change lives for good. Every penny is invested in the local community.

In support of this initiative, we are donating all of the proceeds collected at the Fete to Islington Giving.

And now the moment you’re all waiting for…

…we are pleased to announce that we will be donating a total sum of £2068.40!


This would have been entirely impossible without the St Andrew’s Montessori community and we are truly thankful for all the raffle tickets you bought and activities you encouraged your children to engage in, on behalf of this worthy cause.
Thank you.