Maths: Odd & even numbers

Maths: Odd & Even numbers

Montessori’s Odd and Even maths activity (sometimes called Cards and Counters) introduces the abstract concept of odd and even numbers visually, making it easier for little minds to grasp. It is usually introduced after children have become…
Subtraction with montessori

Maths: Subtraction

Once a child has understood the concept of numbers from at least 1-10 as well as the principles of addition, he/she will be able to move on to learning subtraction. As with all Montessori math lessons, the aim is to turn abstract concepts into…

Maths: Cards and Counters

In the Montessori classroom we call our introductory lesson on odd and even numbers, ‘cards and counters’; for which we use traditional Montessori materials – a series of cards featuring numbers from 1-10 and 55 counters (wooden dots).…