Sensorial: Triangular Box

In Montessori classrooms, we introduce geometric shapes to young children using the Triangular Box. Whilst the activity does form the foundation for exploring more complex geometric concepts, it is part of the sensorial curriculum as it focuses on refining the child’s senses and developing their understanding of the physical world.

triangular box play with montessori

The Triangular Box consists of a wooden box divided into compartments. Each compartment contains a set of wooden triangles of varying sizes and colours to provide a visual and tactile experience for the child – allowing the child to touch, feel, and manipulate the triangles.

Have a look the below tutorial by Wonderful World of Montessori:

You’ll notice that the child is encouraged to take one triangle at a time, study its shape, compare it with other triangles, and fit it back into its corresponding compartment. This helps develop the child’s visual discrimination skills, spatial awareness, and fine motor control.

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