Hexagon boxes teaching Montessori sensorial

Sensorial: Hexagon Box

The hexagon box shows children how different shapes can be used to create other shapes; more specifically, that by joining together different triangles, four-sided figures are formed.  The sensorial angle of the lesson means that it can be…
Montessori sensorial smelling jars

Sensorial: Smelling Jars

When doing sensory work in the classroom at St. Andrew’s Montessori, we engage in a variety of exercises that help children isolate each of their five senses in an effort to nurture an awareness and understanding of each particular sense.…
Montessori sensorial boards tutorial

Sensorial: Smooth and Rough boards

The purpose of the lesson using rough and smooth boards is to teach children to use their sense of touch when exploring the world around them. It’s a simple activity that can easily be replicated at home. All you need is: four varying grades…
Montessori Sound Cylinders

Sensorial: Sound Cylinders

The Sound Cylinders tutorial is part of the Sensorial area of the Montessori classroom. Through matching sounds, children will learn auditory discrimination as well as a sense of order.  There are also some fun extensions that can be applied…

Sensorial: Colour Matching

The general rule of thumb is that children are developmentally capable of grasping the concept of colour at around 18-months of age. That said; children are all different and learn uniquely, and so the most constructive approach is to introduce…

Sensorial: Binomial Cube

The binomial cube is like a puzzle; broken up into many different pieces of varying colour and sizing. Once assembled, it forms a cube of a binomial (a+b)3 – the direct purpose of the activity is to build the cube (by using skills such…

Sensorial: Colour Box 3

A couple of tutorials ago, we covered Colour Boxes 1 & 2 from the sensorial area of our curriculum. The activities associated with these two boxes focus on primary and secondary colours; once children have mastered the identification of…

Sensorial: Colour Box 1 & 2

Colours are such an important part of life, enabling expression and evoking emotion, but it seems to take children ages to figure them out – their names, in particular. There’s a really great article in Scientific American that explores…

Sensorial: Cylinder Blocks

Montessori materials are versatile in the skills they encourage and there is no better example of this than the Cylinder Blocks used in many of the early sensory-based lessons, which a child will come into contact with in a Montessori classroom.…

Introducing the Pink Tower

The Pink Tower is made up of 10 pink wooden cubes ranging from 1 cm³ to 10 cm³. This activity is found in the Sensorial Area of our school. The main aim of the Pink Tower is to encourage a child to visually notice a difference in height, length…