Practical Life: Opening and Closing Boxes

The learning objectives for this simple lesson of opening and closing boxes are: fine motor development, problem solving, cause and effect, as well as receptive and expressive language.

montessori tutorial on opening and closing boxes

The lesson provides children with the opportunity to use their developing hand-eye coordination, concentration and cognitive skills. These skills benefit children as they become more independent and develop their sense of self and capabilities.

This is something that can be easily practised at home, with an array of different sized boxes or containers, and even bags and pouches – with lids, buttons, sippers, caps and folds.

Have a look at the below tutorial by Wonderful World of Montessori:

Receptive and expressive language will apply when the lesson is extended to naming objects as well as introducing more complex opening and closing (zips, containers etc.) that includes verbal requests like “open”, “pull” or “turn”.

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