Bow tying frame to teach practical life in Montessori

Practical Life: Tying Frame

Learning to tie a shoelace is one of the most exciting milestones for a child (and a parent, too!) but it takes time to learn, requiring much practice before perfection. In Montessori classrooms, we use a bow-tying frame, which involves the…
Montessori collage tutorial

Practical Life: Collage

A collage is defined as an artistic composition made up from a collection of various materials glued on a surface. So, taking different things and sticking them together. At St. Andrew’s Montessori we love using collage not only a means of…
Practical life scrubbing with montessori

Practical Life: Scrubbing

Children absolutely love to do real life activities; to mimic their parents or the adult in the house – doing adult things. It gives little ones a feeling of independence and success. Scrubbing is one such activity, falling under the Practical…

Practical Life: Care of plants

At St Andrew’s Montessori we take great pleasure in teaching children how to care for the environment. We incorporate a child’s innate desire to help and feel purposeful into many of our practical life activities, to both inspire them…

Practical Life: Buttoning

It’s so easy, as parents, to fall into the trap of doing things for our children rather than giving them the opportunity to do things themselves. In our busy, modern lives; often we feel like we don’t have the time (and let’s be honest,…

Practical Life: Folding

Many of the activities included in the Practical Life area of the Montessori curriculum are things that might seem fairly obvious but, in fact; it’s incorrect to assume that our little ones simply know how to brush their teeth, wash dishes…

Practical Life: The Silence Game

As a parent, silence is a rare, wonderful thing. Its effect is calming and centring, and although it might seem like children do not value the gift of silence, its benefits are paramount. In The Secret of Childhood, Maria Montessori said,…

Practical Life: Threading

A favourite activity amongst children in the Montessori classroom is Bead Stringing, or Threading. It forms part of Practical Life and helps children develop concentration, fine motor control and also concentration, which will serve them with…

Practical Life: Dry Pouring

Although much of the learning that happens in a Montessori classroom requires specific Montessori materials, there are activities that can be practiced at home – Dry Pouring is one such exercise. All that is needed for a lesson is: a tray,…

An introduction to Practical Life

Within the Practical Life area the child finds materials and exercises of his everyday life like pouring water from a jug or learning how to tie a shoelace. These activities help the child to properly take care of himself so that he may feel…

Pouring Activity

This activity, which is found in the Practical Life area, contributes to the refinement of movement, eye and hand co-ordination and general dexterity. Pouring from one jug to another jug is a very interesting activity for children. The…