One box in another…in an another, and so on. This sounds almost ridiculously simple but when children are using nesting boxes or materials in a Montessori classroom that are doing so much more than exploring – they are problem-solving and thus developing critical thinking skills that will be used in all spheres of life.

Have a look at this quick video by My Montessori Works that introduces the Nesting Box activity:

What’s so great about a Nesting Box is the element of surprise, which encourages a child’s natural propensity for curiosity and imagination. Playing with a Nesting Box (figuring out how it comes apart and is put back together) also encourages:

  • dexterity and fine motor skills
  • counting skills
  • gross motor skills
  • awareness of shapes and size
  • grasp and release movements
  • visual and spatial perception/visual discrimination
  • hand-eye coordination
  • concentration
  • sequencing skills

montessori practical life nesting box

Extensions of this activity could be to place different objects in the different sized nesting boxes (also encouraging special awareness) or perhaps playing a ‘hide and seek’ game by hiding different objects under the boxes.

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