Practical Life: Water Pouring

In a Montessori classroom, the water pouring activity is the first follow-on from the Dry Pouring lesson where children learn the skill transferring dry goods from one jug to another. To practice water pouring at home, you will need: two jugs, a tray (that a child would be able to carry from a shelf to a work space), a sponge and some water (you could colour the water with some food colouring to make it a little more interesting).

Water Pouring tutorial with St Andrew's Montessori

Have a look at the below tutorial by My Works Montessori to see how the lesson is applied:

It’s as simple as transferring the water from one container to another but children are not only refining their fine motor skills, they are learning autonomy and thus developing confidence in their own abilities. They will carry the materials to their work space, clean spills with a sponge and tidy up away afterwards. And the challenge comes in their ability to carefully manipulate the water-filled containers. Children mustn’t pour too fast, or the water will spill; they need to tip the jug just enough to start the flow of water. It’s a delicate balance, but once achieved, there is so much joy in the mastery.

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Photo by Montessorimaterials.com