Why travel is great for Montessori learning

One of the most enjoyable aspects of a Montessori learning environment is the attention given to difference and diversity, and what it might be like for people living all over the world in unique countries, families or circumstances. Montessori children are encouraged to explore ideas and cultures that are unfamiliar, and travel gives life to these learning concepts.

Family travel with montessori

Whilst overseas travel is an amazing way to learn about other people and environments, long-distance trips are certainly not the only way to embrace travelling and difference. Travel could be a weekend away, a road trip, camping (even if it’s in the back yard) or a couple of nights with your family in another town. Every opportunity that a child has to come into contact with something unfamiliar is an opportunity for learning – whether it’s an opulent starry sky, another family’s tradition, new food or a beautiful landscape en route.

Travel, in all of its forms, allows our children to embrace:

Curiosity: Children are naturally curious and one of the goals of Montessori is to allow the children to explore their innate curiosity. Every place you travel, whether it’s international or the next borough, there are different landscapes, different smells, and different aspects to discover.

Inspiration: Finding inspiration in the hustling cities, enjoying the silence, staying in the moment, mindfulness – all of these are important parts of learning and growing as human beings. Each person is inspired by something different and giving our children the opportunity to explore places that set their souls on fire is one of the fun parts of parenting.

Global Responsibility

Flavours and Cuisine

Empathy, Compassion, and Diversity

Aesthetics: Every culture values a different type of architecture and defines beauty in a different way. Exploring these with your children will help them appreciate different forms of beauty and design.

(Points adapted from Montessorirocks.org – “Why Travel Matters”)

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Photo by Dragos Gontariu on Unsplash