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preparing a montessori child for school

Preparing children for Montessori school: top tips

It’s been a long, lovely summer and children are back to school this month. Perhaps you even have a new starter? Either way, there are some easy things you can do at home to help your little ones feel prepared and confident as they walk…
montessori learning materials and how they are different

Montessori materials – why they’re different

The materials used in Montessori classrooms are specifically designed, chosen and engineered to provide children with opportunities to discover, learn and create through independent learning, repetition, and practice. Materials are sensory-based,…
Family travel with montessori

Why travel is great for Montessori learning

One of the most enjoyable aspects of a Montessori learning environment is the attention given to difference and diversity, and what it might be like for people living all over the world in unique countries, families or circumstances. Montessori…

Why concentration is the key to all learning

The Practical Life area in any Montessori classroom is particularly special – it’s where children are given the opportunity to develop the concentration skills that are necessary for them to excel in all subjects. Maria Montessori believed…

S for Solar System

Every week we focus on a letter of the alphabet and children are asked to bring in items or picture ...

Learning about Ancient Greece

This term the children in Catherine's class have been learning about Ancient Greece. They have been looking at pictures of the lanscape of Modern Greece and comparing it to Ancient Greece. The children have been discussing what Greek homes were…

New materials

St. Andrew's Montessori recently bought some new puzzle maps to add to our school materials. We are looking forward to the children exploring the world with the Puzzle Map of the Oceans, Europe Puzzle Map and the World Continents Puzzle Map…

Number Rods

There are ten rods differing in length (from 10cm to 100cm). The unit of difference between each rod is 10cm. The rods are painted alternating red and blue, the first section always being red. The child learns to name the numbers and associate…

The land, air and water jars

The land, air and water jars are there to introduce the child to the various elements that make up our planet. There are three jars: one containing soil for land, one containing water and finally a jar filled with air. These jars are used in…