Swimming lessons the Montessori way

If there’s one thing that children love more than summer (and the parks, picnics and beaches that come along with it), it’s swimming. There’s just something about water – it’s where we started out after all – and Montessori has its…

Montessori Education (UK) LTD (MEUK)

We are very proud to announce that we have gained re-accreditation under Montessori Education (UK) Ltd. It is a quality assurance process that is designed to help schools continuously develop and enhance the Montessori practice in their environment.…

Montessori Madness

St. Andrew's Montessori have stumbled across this video which really expresses why we believe in the Montessori philosophy. It is very interesting for those new to Montessori but equally beautiful for those who already are familiar with this…
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New Fractions Material

Our new Fractions Circles arrived this week. We are excited to add these to our Mathematics shelves and for the children to start learning more about fractions.

Number Rods

There are ten rods differing in length (from 10cm to 100cm). The unit of difference between each rod is 10cm. The rods are painted alternating red and blue, the first section always being red. The child learns to name the numbers and associate…