The great thing about Montessori-style learning is that it is not confined to the school environment. Montessori can be practiced at home because the principles on which the method is built can be practiced anywhere – with or without traditional Montessori materials! Here are five ways to inspire learning in your child at home, the Montessori way:

  1. Allow your child the freedom to ‘take the indoors outside.’ Maria Montessori believed that the outdoor environment should be an extension of a child’s environment – at home or in the classroom. Allowing your child to play with their toys outside will serve to grow their imagination and understanding of the world around them.
  2. Give your child opportunities for hands-on learning. Helping out in the kitchen, for example, is an excellent opportunity for learning; washing fruit before eating, helping prepare dinner and baking can be fun, memorable experiences for your child.
  3. Show your child how to do an activity. Don’t assume that your child will automatically know how to do something; join in – demonstrate appropriate behavior. Get involved with the learning process!
  4. Don’t interrupt your child’s work cycle. Allowing children to finish tasks is an important Montessori principle, encouraging the development of concentration. If your child is immersed in an activity at home, sometimes bath time and ‘getting ready’ (or other random household chores) can take a backseat so that your little one can finish what he/she is doing.
  5. Make sure your child’s environment is as orderly and attractive as possible – this will help with the development of your child’s mental order and intelligence.

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