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learning to give back to the community in montessori classrooms

Ten ways that young children can give back to their communities

Teaching small children to give back to their communities is a wonderful way to instil values of empathy, compassion, and social responsibility from an early age. Here are ten age-appropriate ways for young children to make a positive…
learning empathy in montessori classrooms

Teaching empathy in Montessori classrooms

There are many wonderful, important and essential skills that children learn in Montessori classrooms but one of the most fundamental is empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand the feelings of another. It’s something we learn, and plays…

Cultural Studies: Continental Globe and Map

A continents globe, map, apple and knife – that’s what you’ll need to teach your child not only the locations of the continents and their names but also, how the spherical shape of the earth translates onto a 2-Dimensional map. In…
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Computers in the Montessori classroom

When Maria Montessori thought up her philosophy on learning, modern technology was a long while away; this means that there are no specific guidelines for the management of screen-time in the Montessori classroom.