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lifecycle lesson with seeds for montessori children

Cultural: Lifecycle of a seed

Children always enjoy the ‘lifecycle of a seed’ lesson (especially poignant in the spring) because of the many exciting and tactile ways in which the learning can be applied and extended. There are the five stages of plant life cycle:…
montessori continent globe

Cultural: Continent Globe

Young children don’t naturally have an understanding of the great wide world outside of their own context – they live within the confines of home, family, school (and wherever else they spend the majority of their time). The Continent Globe…
Parts of a frog

Cultural: Parts of a frog

A primary focus of Montessori learning is to inspire children’s natural curiosity and our cultural lesson on parts of a frog does just that. Frogs are strange little creatures and it is great fun to think a bit more about their lifecycle and…

Cultural: Structure of the Earth – Water, Air and Land lesson

The introductory lesson to the ‘Structure of the Earth’ will teach children what the earth is made up of and will develop their sense of order. It’s an activity that can easily be replicated at home and as well as stimulating, it’s a…

Cultural & Science: The Solar System

The planets are an endless source of fascination to children and Montessori methodology has a really fun way of introducing the solar system to developing young minds. Have a look at this lesson by My Works Montessori: As you’ll have…