Montessori Science

Cultural Studies: Science (Living & Non-Living)

Embedded in the heart of Montessori learning is the idea that children are naturally curious and it’s our job, as parents and directresses, to nurture this innate desire to explore and discover. Our Science lesson on ‘Living and Non-Living’…

Cultural Studies: Science (sinking and floating)

Children are always extra-excited to engage in activities that involve water – there’s just something about getting wet, even if only a little, which is why they go bananas for our science lesson on ‘sinking and floating’. Have a…

Cultural Studies: Continent Boxes

Montessori methodology places great emphasis on other cultures and places in the world, which we explore as part of our Cultural Studies curriculum. One of our favourite activities at St Andrew’s Montessori is Cultural Boxes, of which there…

Cultural Studies: Continental Globe and Map

A continents globe, map, apple and knife – that’s what you’ll need to teach your child not only the locations of the continents and their names but also, how the spherical shape of the earth translates onto a 2-Dimensional map. In…