Autumn at St Andrew's Montessori

Autumn-themed activities for Montessori families

The golds, reds and browns of autumn signal the transition from summer to winter. The days slowly get darker and the weather a little cooler. September (in particular) is an incredible month; still warm, not too wet (yet) plus it’s conker…

MEAB Accreditation

We have recently been reaccredited by the Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board (MEAB).
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Yoga and Montessori

While Maria Montessori was working with children at the Casa dei Bambini in Rome, dreaming up her namesake method of learning, she was also practicing yoga

St. Andrew’s Montessori Christmas Concert

Every year the children at St. Andrew's Montessori perform in a Christmas Concert. The teachers came up with an original idea and wrote the concert 'Father Christmas Needs Help'. A backdrop was needed and the teachers all were involved in…

Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board (MEAB)

We are very proud to announce that we have gained re-accreditation under the Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board (MEAB).  The Board offers support and guidance to Montessori schools in order to ensure that Montessori provision is…

Montessori Madness

St. Andrew's Montessori have stumbled across this video which really expresses why we believe in the Montessori philosophy. It is very interesting for those new to Montessori but equally beautiful for those who already are familiar with this…

Letter from Her Majesty

To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, the children at St. Andrew's Montessori made a beautiful card for the Queen. During the Summer we received a lovely letter from the Queen's lady in waiting thanking us for the card.

New materials

St. Andrew's Montessori recently bought some new puzzle maps to add to our school materials. We are looking forward to the children exploring the world with the Puzzle Map of the Oceans, Europe Puzzle Map and the World Continents Puzzle Map…

Number Rods

There are ten rods differing in length (from 10cm to 100cm). The unit of difference between each rod is 10cm. The rods are painted alternating red and blue, the first section always being red. The child learns to name the numbers and associate…

The land, air and water jars

The land, air and water jars are there to introduce the child to the various elements that make up our planet. There are three jars: one containing soil for land, one containing water and finally a jar filled with air. These jars are used in…

Outstanding overall rating by Ofsted

St. Andrew's Montessori are thrilled to receive an overall rating of Outstanding after our Ofsted inspection at the end of November. This is the highest rating a provision can obtain.

An introduction to Practical Life

Within the Practical Life area the child finds materials and exercises of his everyday life like pouring water from a jug or learning how to tie a shoelace. These activities help the child to properly take care of himself so that he may feel…