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learning to give back to the community in montessori classrooms

Ten ways that young children can give back to their communities

Teaching small children to give back to their communities is a wonderful way to instil values of empathy, compassion, and social responsibility from an early age. Here are ten age-appropriate ways for young children to make a positive…

Story telling with puppets

Families and communities have shared stories as far back as history goes – as a way of communicating ideas, imparting lessons and entertaining one another. Montessori methodology has drawn on this philosophy of learning – incorporating these…

Community Police visit St Andrew’s Montessori

A police uniform can be an intimidating thing for a small child. Living in London, it’s probably quite likely that your little one has witnessed some or other street-side altercation involving a police officer and member of the public –…
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Mayor of Islington, Barry Edwards visits St. Andrew’s Montessori School

On Friday 9th May 2014 St. Andrew’s Montessori School in Thornhill Square were thrilled to be visited by the Mayor of Islington, Councillor Barry Edwards. This came as a result of their fundraising efforts on behalf of Freightliners Farm,…