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spring with montessori children

The child’s view of spring

As Montessori teachers we are constantly trying to see our world through the child's perspective, whether it is acknowledging and celebrating their opinions and points of view or trying to see the world through their eyes. By valuing…
make your own mud kitchen

Make your own mud kitchen

Maria Montessori advocated for children to have free access to the outdoors, with no separation between the indoor and outdoor classroom. This is something we can encourage at home. Nature, in and of itself, is an incredible teacher and…
routines for children are important

Helping children into a routine

As families and communities, we are wading our way through masses of uncertainty at the minute, which can be quite stressful. What helps is having a regular routine or rhythm at home—this is good for us as parents but it’s especially important…
decluttering childs toys can help a lot with man things

Top tips for decluttering your child’s room

The tinsel is tucked away, wrapping paper recycled and the new year is upon us—as are piles and piles of toys, which seem to have a knack of taking over before we’ve noticed. That said, it’s never too late to declutter and actually, just-after-Christmas…

How to be safe around dogs

Dogs are a special part of family life and provide love and companionship to many of the children who attend our school. That said; there are some children who react with trepidation or uncertainty when confronted with pooches meandering across…

S for Solar System

Every week we focus on a letter of the alphabet and children are asked to bring in items or picture ...

Reception Class learning

The children in our Reception Class have been learning about various plants and the landscapes they grow in this term. Along with their teacher, Catherine, they have created some of these landscapes. Labels were made to describe the landscapes…
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Jeans for Genes Day

On Thursday the 19th September 2014, all the children and staff at St Andrews Montessori were delighted to raise £100.30 towards Jeans for Genes. Jeans for Genes Day provides funding for the care and support of children with genetic disorders…

New materials

St. Andrew's Montessori recently bought some new puzzle maps to add to our school materials. We are looking forward to the children exploring the world with the Puzzle Map of the Oceans, Europe Puzzle Map and the World Continents Puzzle Map…

The Sandpaper Letters

A child is introduced to the Sandpaper Letters early in the Montessori curriculum. All 26 letters of the alphabet are cut out of sandpaper and mounted on wood. The consonants are mounted on pink wood and the vowels on blue wood. The child…