St Andrew's Montessori nursery adopt a tiger

We adopted a tiger!

Imagine having a tiger at school! – Being able to protect it and feed it, look after it and learn from it. It might sound bizarre but not at all in the mind of a child – and is, in fact, exactly what the children were discussing in one of…

London Metropolitan Police Christmas Tree Appeal

A huge thank you to all our lovely families for their extremely generous donations towards this wonderful initiative where we can actively give back to the community by buying a Christmas Present that will go to children in care, disadvantaged…
Binkys Time To Fly

Binky’s Time to Fly – Beautiful new kids’ book launched in support of EB

When Binky turns from caterpillar to butterfly, it's a disaster! His wings won't work and poor Binky can't fly. Luckily, the spiders, silkworms and bees come to his aid. Together they work out how to give Binky a pair of bright, strong wings. Binky’s…
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Jeans for Genes 2017

St Andrew’s Montessori is always excited to participate in Jeans for Genes fundraisers and this September past, we managed to raise a fabulous £151.72 for the charity. Jeans for Genes helps disorder-specific charities and patient groups…
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Jeans for Genes Day

On Thursday the 19th September 2014, all the children and staff at St Andrews Montessori were delighted to raise £100.30 towards Jeans for Genes. Jeans for Genes Day provides funding for the care and support of children with genetic disorders…