montessori still life

Sensorial: Portrait, Landscape and Still Life

One way to explore art with your children at home is to teach them the difference between a portrait, a landscape and a still life. In a Montessori classroom, we would do this by stating the definition of each concept and then have examples…
arts and crafts in a montessori home

Art & Craft essentials in any Montessori home

“The hand is the instrument of intelligence. The child needs to manipulate objects and to gain experience by touching and handling”. — Maria Montessori, The 1946 London Lectures When it comes to creating art with children in a Montessori…
10 montessori spring activities

10 spring activities that Montessori kids will love

Spring 2021 is huge! Life has been on hold for so long and as the sun continues to warm the earth, there is an exuberance and spirit that cannot help but burst forth – not just in the natural world around us but in people, too. There…
montessori practical life nesting box

Practical Life Lesson: Nesting Box Surprise

One box in another…in an another, and so on. This sounds almost ridiculously simple but when children are using nesting boxes or materials in a Montessori classroom that are doing so much more than exploring – they are problem-solving and…
montessori chicken and egg facts

It’s spring! – Fun Facts About Chickens

Oh spring! As the world warms up and colours explode, children respond to the sunshine and unfurling of life around them. In London, we’re blessed with many beautiful parks and open spaces – from the iconic Hyde Park, Regent’s Park…
montessori sensorial art

Sensorial: Presenting A Great Artist To Your Child

Art is essential – it is a way for children to express themselves, to communicate and to develop their fine motor skills. And it is fun! At St Andrew’s Montessori, we celebrate creativity and have art and craft supplies at the ready for…
world book day montessori blog

World Book Day at St Andrew’s Montessori

As we celebrated World Book Day last month with the children at school, we were reminded of the potential for a great story to not only encourage imagination and allow children to escape but also, to help them process what is going on around…
montessori maths and fractions

Maths: Fractions

Maria Montessori believed that children can absorb mathematical concepts naturally through the joyful repetition of practical life and sensorial activities. It therefore makes sense that one of the best ways to introduce the principles of fractions…
montessori blog on gross motor skills for children

10 Top Gross Motor skills for Montessori kids to perfect at home

Gross motor skills are abilities that require the use of larger muscles in the torso, arms and legs (whole-body movements) like standing, walking, running, jumping, throwing, lifting and sitting upright at the table. Skills relate to body awareness,…
montessori tutorial about water pouring

Practical Life: Water Pouring (II)

The first version of this wet pouring lesson (found on our blog, Water Pouring (I)) is slightly simpler in that the child will pour water from one jug into another, and clean up any spills along the way. It’s an exercise in coordination, concentration…
montessori blog on socially distancing tips for birthday celebrations

Five top tips for celebrating birthdays while social distancing

In a year that has been largely uncertain, it’s tough to know how to celebrate birthdays – as per the ever-changing rules and also in terms of what’s sensible and what we’re comfortable with. Whilst the type of celebration we host for…
montessori languate with sounds and objects

Language: Sound with objects

Before engaging a child in a ‘Sound with Objects’ lesson, he/she must be familiar with the phonetic letter sounds, which are taught in a sound lesson presentation. Then you can have fun with sounds and objects, and eventually move on to…