sensorial colour mixing with montessori

Sensorial: Colour Mixing

The initial colour mixing lesson can be presented to one child or a group, after which the materials can be made available for children to use on their own. If you’d like to try it at home, here’s what you’ll need: tray eye droppers …
montessori book tips

How to choose the best Montessori books for your pre-schoolers

Reading is one of Life’s greatest gifts and there is nothing more precious than snuggling up your child on your lap and a good story. We are blessed to be living in a time when books are in abundance… to such an extent that it can be difficult…
3 part cards for words around the house

Language: Words Around the House (Electrical Appliances)

The Words Around the House lesson is a great way to bring Montessori learning into your home – it’s fun, dynamic and ideal for smaller children. The lesson could involve any objects or furniture that you might typically find at home…
montessori home preparation top tips

Top tips for preparing a Montessori environment in your home

The absorption of the environment is an intellectual activity. It is a psychic necessity that the child explores the environment; it satisfies his spirit. After he has had the satisfaction of observing one thing that interests him, he goes on…
montessori subtraction

Maths: Beginners Subtraction

A Beginning Subtraction lesson should be presented to a child who understands the concept of numbers (from at least 1-10) and understands the concept of addition. The materials you will need are: Number jars: you can use spice or jam…
Macmillan Cancer Appeal

Macmillan Cancer Appeal

I am sure you will all agree that great fun was had at our end-of-Term Christmas Party, especially when dancing to Frozen under the snow machine! Thanks to all your generosity, we were also able to raise a fantastic £744.88 towards Macmillan…
montessori christmas activities

Five of the best Montessori Christmas crafts

December can be really busy and before you know it, all the little moments have slipped through your fingers. An antidote to the chaos of the season is to plan some fun, simple crafts/activities that will allow you, as a family, to slow down…
introduction to montessori art

Sensorial: Introducing Art

We want children to create—to use their imaginations and to love texture, colour, shapes, and to experiment with the materials at their disposal. Our hope is that they will love art and be inspired to draw and paint, stick and cut, sculpt…
family walk ideas from st andrews montessori

Five favourite child friendly walks in London

Grab coats, snacks, wellies, trainers, treasure-collecting bags, a picnic blanket, money (for an essential coffee en route) – whatever the weather says – and explore one (or all!) of these family friendly walking routes in our great…
montessori pin poking

Practical Life: Pin Poking

Pin poking is yet another really simple Montessori activity that children love. It teaches hand control, fine motor strength, pencil grip, attention to detail and concentration, and is something that can easily be done at home. Here’s…
encouraging friends at school

Encouraging friendship at school

School is about learning but perhaps first and foremost, it’s about relationship; practising how to be in community. Maria Montessori believed that every person has a responsibility to be part of something that not only serves individual…
Ukraine Appeal

Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal

We held two very successful fundraising events in aid of the Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal. Firstly; our families were welcomed into school with their child to purchase a delicious treat and drink to enjoy. This was a huge success/ children…