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World Book Day at St Andrew’s Montessori

World Book Day is one of our favourite yearly celebrations at St Andrew’s Montessori. It’s the biggest event of its kind and is even designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading, and is marked in over 100 countries all over the world! Along with many other schools around the country, we […]


Sensorial: Colour Matching

The general rule of thumb is that children are developmentally capable of grasping the concept of colour at around 18-months of age. That said; children are all different and learn uniquely, and so the most constructive approach is to introduce colours to your children whenever it comes up naturally their infancy. At St Andrew’s Montessori […]

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Spring Fete at St Andrew’s Montessori

Thank you to all who attended our Spring Fete! The children had an absolute ball running around with their painted faces, spending their pocket money on canvas art, Faberge eggs, clay handprints and all of the other wonderful crafts they have spent time creating throughout the term! (We certainly saw many ‘proud parent’ faces in […]


‘Going out’ Montessori style

A classroom is wonderful thing but Montessori learning is far more dynamic than just one space – all the time. Maria Montessori said this: “When the child goes out, it is the world itself that offers itself to him. Let us take the child out to show him real things instead of making objects which […]


Sensorial: Binomial Cube

The binomial cube is like a puzzle; broken up into many different pieces of varying colour and sizing. Once assembled, it forms a cube of a binomial (a+b)3 – the direct purpose of the activity is to build the cube (by using skills such as patience and logic) but it also serves as preparation for […]


How important is handwriting in this age of technology?

Within the context of Montessori education there is often debate as to whether children should be taught print or cursive when first learning to write. It’s a conversation that sounds almost trivial in light of the fact that there is an even greater debate (in general education) about whether cursive writing is relevant at all […]


How a Calming Jar helps children become more self-aware

Calm is a beautiful thing. If you’ve ever walked into a Montessori classroom, you’ll notice how peaceful it is, with children learning, exploring and creating to their heart’s content. That’s not to say that these same children don’t get stressed, frustrated, anxious, fearful and angry. They do. But one of the aims of a Montessori […]


Practical Life: Care of plants

At St Andrew’s Montessori we take great pleasure in teaching children how to care for the environment. We incorporate a child’s innate desire to help and feel purposeful into many of our practical life activities, to both inspire them and guide the learning process. Caring for plants is something we do at school but is […]


Why multi-age classrooms are the best way for children to learn

One of the core learning principles separating Montessori education from most mainstream systems is the use of multi-age classrooms. Maria Montessori believed that one of most effective ways for children to learn, is from one another – with this in mind, Montessori school age grouping is typically: birth-18 months (infant), 18 months -3 years (toddler), […]


Language: Picture Cards

One of the best things about the Montessori curriculum is that each and every lesson or activity is dynamic and adaptable according to the age and ability of the participating child/children. This is easily exemplified in activities using 3-part cards, which are used to teach language skills in the Montessori classroom. Three-part cards consist of […]


Montessori for teens – yes, it exists!

Most families and children involved in Montessori primary and pre-schools fall in love with the academic freedom that is facilitated by an emphasis on discovery and child-centric learning. There are around 700 early years and primary institutions in the UK, a number that is growing as Montessori gains in popularity. But what of secondary school? […]


Cultural Studies: Continent Boxes

Montessori methodology places great emphasis on other cultures and places in the world, which we explore as part of our Cultural Studies curriculum. One of our favourite activities at St Andrew’s Montessori is Cultural Boxes, of which there are seven; one for every continent in the world (North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, Asia, Africa […]