Flower fun at nursery

Spring is such a wonderful opportunity for us to really take cognisance of nature’s beauty. We are lucky to have a stunning garden at our nursery in Islington and we do take full advantage; planting, playing and exploring.

Flower fun with montessori children

Recently, we inspected a flower under a magnifying glass; looking closely at the detail and comparing the real flower with Terminology Flower Puzzle pieces. We identified the different parts of the flower (petals, sepal, stigma, stamen, stem, leaves, root) and drew flower pictures by following step-by-step instructions. We also used powder ink to experiment with the different effects created by using a dry brush, a wet brush, and a water spray bottle.

The children especially enjoyed making felt artwork by drawing the pieces onto felt and then assembling them to make flowers.

These are simple activities that can be replicated with flowers from your garden. Or perhaps you’re on a local family adventure and feel inspired by the beautiful summer flowers around you? In Islington there aren’t many places where you can pick flowers freely due to conservation efforts and property ownership regulations. However, there are a few options where you can enjoy flowers and even pick some with permission or in designated areas, like:

Community Gardens: Some community gardens in Islington may allow visitors to pick flowers or herbs. It’s a good idea to check with the garden organisers or caretakers beforehand to see if they permit flower picking and what guidelines they have in place.

Pick Your Own Farms Nearby: While not directly in Islington, there are pick-your-own farms in the surrounding areas where you can pick seasonal flowers along with fruits and vegetables. Check out farms in neighbouring counties like Hertfordshire or Essex for this experience.

Flower Markets: While you may not be able to pick flowers yourself, you can visit flower markets such as Columbia Road Flower Market in nearby Tower Hamlets. Here, you’ll find a vibrant atmosphere with an array of flowers for sale, creating a delightful experience for flower enthusiasts.

Local Parks and Gardens: While you generally can’t pick flowers in public parks and gardens in Islington, you can still enjoy the beauty of the floral displays. Many parks in the area, such as Highbury Fields and Gillespie Park, have well-maintained flowerbeds and gardens where you can admire the blooms.

Allotment Gardens: Some allotment gardens in Islington may have areas where you can pick flowers, especially if they are managed by community groups. It’s worth reaching out to local allotment associations or visiting their open days to inquire about flower picking opportunities.

Remember to always respect any posted rules or guidelines regarding flower picking, and consider supporting local florists or flower markets if you’re looking to bring home some fresh blooms.