Language: Large Moveable Alphabet

The Large Moveable Alphabet facilitates language development, spelling, and writing skills as children practise word and sentence construction. The apparatus consists of a set of wooden or plastic letters representing the alphabet in uppercase, typically stored in a box split into different sections. The vowels are blue and the consonants are red.

Learning the alphabet with moving letters in Montessori

Watch the below tutorial by Wonderful Word of Montessori to see how the letters are used to sound out words:

The Large Moveable Alphabet is introduced to children after they have become familiar with the sounds of letters through activities such as the Sandpaper Letters. Initially, they will explore the Moveable Alphabet freely, becoming acquainted with the shape and form of each letter, and as they become more comfortable with the letters, children start using the Moveable Alphabet to form words.

Once children gain confidence in forming words, they can progress to more complex activities such as composing sentences or short stories using the Moveable Alphabet. It encourages independent work and self-correction as well as creativity, language expression and comprehension skills.

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