We’ve had fun learning about Early Man!

Tasha’s class have had a wonderful time learning about history and Early Man – a theme that could be continued in discussions and activities at home.

montessori lesson about early man

Questions we’ve been thinking about are:

  • How did we get here? (Including a brief introduction to human evolution)
  • How did early humans live and survive on the earth?

We’ve also explored the structures in which humans used to live, and introduced the hunter-gatherer component by engaging in imaginative role-play – hunting and gathering in the garden and bringing our finds back to our caves.

Some of the children made hunter-gather spears using paper recycling and paint. This would be a great junk modelling activity to repeat at home – children could expand their tool kit by making bows and arrows or baskets for gathering.

Did you know that hunter-gatherers even found time to make art where they lived? Cave art is especially interesting and a fun one for kids to replicate using rocks and sticks. Early humans are thought to have used art as a way of helping themselves in their struggle for survival. Paintings of animals on cave walls are common.

We’ve had great fun with this topic and we hope that the children have shared some of what they’ve learnt with you at home.

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