montessori animal print

Children love animals and they love to learn with multi-senses. There are so many lesson applications that can marry these two ideas, and My Montessori Works has really fun, simple activity that is sure to inspire your child’s natural curiosity. Watch the below tutorial on animal coat matching:

The lesson in the above tutorial starts off with four animals (lizard, zebra, giraffe and snow leopard) with quite different and distinct coats/skins: to do your own version at home, you’ll need some pictures of your chosen animals, and some craft paper, fabric or even your own creative representations of the corresponding animal skin.

You’ll notice that the activity is both visual and tactile – the child looks at the images, picks up the representative skins and matches accordingly. The entire lesson can be done without language but if you’d like to expand the lesson with words, print out the names of the animals and encourage your child to read them out.

A further activity could be to create your own animal-themed box for the work – your child could decoupage a wooden box or work tray with animal print, or find animal pictures in a magazine and stick them onto a cardboard box.

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Photo by Louise Pilgaard on Unsplash