10 top summer-inspired Montessori activities

The long summer holiday is a great opportunity to enjoy family activities that take advantage of the warm weather. With many of us spending more time working from home; a quick half hour at lunch picnicking in the garden turns into precious quality time – in other words: seize the moment!

top ten montessori activities for summer

Have a look at this list of ten top summer-inspired Montessori activities that nurture independence, creativity and hands-on, tactile fun:

  1. Fruit picking – book a spot at your local food farm and pick some fruit and veg straight from the source. Use your produce in some recipes that you can prepare together at home.
  2. Gardening/Planting – teaching children how to plant, water, weed, and pick fruit, vegetables and flowers nurtures a care for the environment, and is also great way to be productive outdoors. Allow your child to use ‘real’, appropriately sized garden tools rather than plastic ones.
  3. Home Made Ice Lollies – some fruit juice and fresh fruit, a bit of honey – in a lolly mould and into the freezer…hello summer!
  4. Picnics – this could be a day affair (take a trip to a beautiful garden or venue out of town) or spend time in a local park, or in your garden at home.
  5. Star-gazing – the nights are warmer and as a special treat you could allow the kids to stay up later and gaze at the starts; spotting satellites is also great fun!
  6. Camping – in your garden or at a campsite.
  7. Play with water – whether you take a trip to the seaside, a local swimming pool or put up the sprinkler in your garden, any water-involved activity is sure to be met with enthusiasm. Sand and water trays are fun and a blow-up pool in the garden is also a good way to take full advantage of the summer sun.
  8. Flying Kites – if you don’t have one, you could try and make your own and then take it out for a test run on a windy day.
  9. Nature weaving – this could be making daisy chains, plaiting grass or stringing leaves together with a needle and thread.
  10. Nature Collage – go on a scavenger hunt, collecting leaves, petals, twigs, feathers etc. and then stick on a big piece of paper to create a summer-time collage.
    In a country where winter can seem like forever, embracing the summer is a must – and is as simple as going for walks and being outside. Enjoy!

Photo by Vitolda Klein on Unsplash