The golds, reds and browns of autumn signal the transition from summer to winter. The days slowly get darker and the weather a little cooler. September (in particular) is an incredible month; still warm, not too wet (yet) plus it’s conker season!

Autumn at St Andrew's Montessori

Here are some fun family activities that we enjoy doing at St Andrew’s Montessori that you might enjoy with your children at home, too:

  • Collecting – As trees and shrubs lose leaves, the world becomes a treasure trove of interesting artefacts to discover; in your garden or when out walking.
  • Vegetable/fruit stamps – Choose some autumnal vegetables, cut them into halves or quarters, brush some paint over the flat part and stamp onto paper. Apples are brilliant for this but beetroot, onion and pumpkin make some great patterns, too.
  • Leaf art – There are so many beautiful leaves all over the floor, why not collect some (of varying shape and colour) and create a textured artwork by sticking them onto paper, perhaps even painting them or adding some other fun elements to the picture.
  • Counting with conkers – Bringing the outdoors inside is a favourite Montessori practice; collecting conkers and using them as counting pieces at home might be a fun way for little ones to show you their maths skills.
  • Bug hotel – Use all the amazing natural treasures outside to create a holiday hotel for creatures. The possibilities with this activity are endless; the resort could be as large, small, intricate or simple as you like.
  • Themed sensory table – Use autumnal seeds, foods, natural objects and colours to create an exciting collection for children to explore with all of their senses.
  • Spiced baking – Cinnamon, ginger nutmeg etc. are wonderful to bake with – cookies, cupcakes or spiced syrup to dribble over toast.

Autumn provides so much stimulation for the senses that simply talking a walk outside, playing a game of tag and even picnicking before it gets too cold will be a small child’s dream day.

Photo by Gabby Orcutt on Unsplash