Winter is a beautiful time of year – walks in the wood, collecting cold-weather treasures in the garden and building snowmen (if we’re lucky enough to have snow) but it’s also cold and dark earlier, and sometimes snuggling indoors is the best option.

Indoor montessori activities for children

Hot chocolate and a good family film are great for indoor days but it’s also good to have some creative options at the ready. Have a look at these Montessori-inspired activities that are perfect for a day spent inside:

  1. Have a family tea party – invite teddies, siblings and parents; make a cake (baking could be a fun activity to do with the kids, who will undoubtedly love to help and learn) and practice setting the table and serving others (being a good host).
  2. Look out of the window – there is not always time in life to dream and wonder (to do, quite simply, nothing) but these moments are so important. Encourage everyone to pick a window spot in the house with a great view (the garden, the street or a roof-top view) and to look outside and notice interesting things for 10 minutes (to report back to everyone). What you’ll find is that imagination takes over and before you know it, you’ve been observing for longer than you thought.
  3. Make cards to post – think about friends and family members who you’d like to send a card to and then design your own. All you need for this type of fun is some card (paper is also fine), colours and anything crafty lying around. You can also show children how to address an envelope and get them to pop the cards in the post box when you’re out and about on another day.
  4. Look at old photos/videos: take a trip down memory lane with family photos (in albums or pulled up on screen) – children love hearing stories about themselves and will enjoy remembering special family times together.
  5. Go on a book hunt – get the children to go on a mission around the house to find a book that they’ve never noticed before, and then chat about it; even if they bring you a novel, use it…e.g. if it’s a book set in China, use that as a platform to learn something new about the country or its people.

These simple ideas might inspire you to think of other things you could do at home. Any time you have together as a family is special – treasure it and enjoy making beautiful memories.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash