Top 10 Montessori family resolutions

Is there anything that you would like to do differently in 2020? Positive change is a good thing and it’s even better when done together, as a family. Have a look at these New Year’s resolutions inspired by Maria Montessori’s learning philosophy, which is all about slowing down, taking in the moment and allowing children to learn, explore and create at their own pace – great encouragements for life as much as teaching:

  • Eat dinner together (as much as possible) – meal times are such a great catalyst for family conversation and bonding.
  • Volunteer as a family – give back! The world needs you.
  • Unplug more – more conversation, less screen.
  • Listen more – find out about your children by asking questions and listening to their answers.
  • Invest in bedtime – it’s so easy to skimp on bedtime when it’s been a long day or there’s so much to do (or you just need a break) but it’s the perfect opportunity to create a quiet, intimate space that will allow you to connect with your child.
  • Smile more – your child feels loved and valued when you smile at him/her.
  • Make the moments count – special memories do not have to be all about the big holiday or expensive outing; small moments matter and are deeply significant (noticing a beautiful sunset or a full moon, a hug from your child when you get home from work etc.) – we just need to remember to pay attention.
  • Set a time to something creative with your children once or twice a week, depending on your family routine).
  • Spend more time in nature – take a walk in your local park once a week or get out and kick the ball with your child on a Saturday…whatever works for you.
  • Clean less – this resolution is more representative of anything non-urgent that takes you away from spending time with your children and family; and when it comes to cleaning, get the kids involved – help them take responsibility for their own space in your home.

Children grow so fast and spending time with them is something we can’t take for granted, in spite of all life’s demands.

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Photo by Jessica Rockowitz on Unsplash