We’ve been learning about Healthy Eating…

One of the topics we’ve been exploring at St Andrew’s Montessori is ‘healthy eating’. The children have learnt about the human body – muscles, the heart and circulatory, digestive and respiratory systems – and how important it is to keep active in an effort to grow and keep healthy.

We’ve encouraged the children to think about the different types of foods that they would need to eat to nourish their bodies and allow them to develop and learn. Have a look at the below picture for a snippet of some of the fun activities we’ve done as we have thought about food and nutrition:

In a Montessori context, where children engage in peer-led learning, we encourage healthy eating habits by modelling them at school. We prioritise fruit and vegetables as well as other healthy snack/lunch items. Other things we do to make mealtimes a positive, fun experience are: allow the children to serve themselves (from easily available food options where appropriate), help to prepare food (where appropriate) and we like them to eat together as a little community, or family.

We also encourage them to clean up after themselves, with the likes of small sponges and sinks that are easily accessible. With the placement of a low mirror, they are also able to wipe their own faces.

Eating should be a nourishing, pleasurable and social experience – ad we aim to foster these ideals at our school.

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Photo by Johnny McClung on Unsplash