Revamp your toddler’s bedroom Montessori-style

Montessori is a concept that is not confined to the school environment; it’s a way of life and can be practiced in your home as well in the classroom. Maria Montessori said:

“We must give the child an environment that he can utilise by himself: a little washstand of his own, a bureau with drawers he can open, objects of common use that he can operate, a small bed in which he can sleep at night under an attractive blanket he can fold and spread by himself. We must give him an environment in which he can live and play; then we will see him work all day with his hands and wait impatiently to undress himself and lay himself down on his own bed.”

Whilst a washstand in a child’s bedroom might be a tad outdated, the aforementioned principles can be translated in a way that’s conducive to modern living; here are five simple ideas on how to revamp your toddler’s bedroom Montessori-style:

  • Set the room up without an excess of toys, bulky furniture and general child-related clutter. It should be a simple, straight-forward environment that suits the temperament of your child.
  • Keep everything at toddler level thus enabling easy access to toys and books.
  • Don’t shy away from decoration, especially artwork that has been made by your child. Thoughtfully chosen decor can add life and personality to a bedroom.
  • Details matter! Anew light, fun door knobs that are easy for little hands to grab or a memorable family photograph can have a big impact on the atmosphere and homeliness of a bedroom.
  • Create a toddler-friendly work space by adding a small table and chair that is the right size for your child to read, play and work at.

The key is simplicity. Avoid excess; showcase each toy and make sure your little one has choices of what to play with…but not too many choices. As with a Montessori classroom, a bedroom should feel as organic as possible. It should shy away from over-stimulation and yet it should inspire passion and nurture independence.

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